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Urban Resilience Game

Urban Resilience Game is an interactive maxi-board simulation about extreme flood in the city, and how the citizens are reacting to it. By taking the roles of different emergency workers in a dynamic narrative, the players learn and train in fast decision making and how to use urban typologies (streets, buildings, parks) as a way through the disaster. The backdrop of the game is Rotterdam West - 4Haven District.
In this simulation we used "gaming-as-training" approach to provide the players with a safe and creative environment to learn and develop new skills, using existing urban structure as a scenography for the disaster storytelling.

type: resilience simulation / urban gaming workshop
#gamingforeveryone #urbanresilience 

client: Fynder Foundation, Rotterdam, NL

year: 2018

status: completed & available for replay

Urban Resilience_1.png
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